System Features

Lawpac is a fully Web-Based application



Legal Practice

Lawpac will give you an overview of your financial position at any time by.

  • producing reports on income, expenditure and billing information in terms of billed, work in progress and non-billable time.
  • producing accounts up to balance sheet.
  • Fee analysis by category, fee earner.


Lawpac gives you control.

 Lawpac will produce :-

  • Trial balance, balance sheet, Income statement, cost center analysis, various listings, budgets on income expenditure and fees.
  • Detailed age analysis with split of fees and disbursements up to 150 days.
  • Marketing statistic’s and impact assessment tools for income like clients that have given you the most fees for a given period.
  • With a single click the Legal Practice is able to tell how much is available to transfer from trust to business.
  • Bank reconciliations both Trust and Business.
  • Your Trust and Business accounts are kept in impeccable order and in balance on a daily basis, in accordance with the Legal Practice guidelines, which makes your audit a breeze.

Secretaries and Practitioners

Document management — ability to not only provide financial records on matters but also keep an electronic version of your physical file at the same time.

These include:

  •  Emails and phone calls.
  •  Financial records of matters, Tax invoice on demand.
  •  Billing and transfer from billing to accounting by one click.
  •  Track fees against budget.
  •  Determine income by category.