About Us

Software Promotions C.C. was founded in 1978 to meet the needs of the first time computer user where available packages were not suitable. The legal profession in Kwa-Zulu Natal was identified as an area which was neglected as there was  little or no locally developed legal software. After extensive research into the intricacies of legal accounting, the Lawpac legal accounting system was developed.

Lawpac is a dynamic computerised legal accounting system that eliminates the administrative burdens associated with running a legal practice. It is simple to operate, yet powerful in its application, capable of storing volumes of information which can be accessed instantaneously. We are not tied to any computer hardware supplier thus giving you the freedom to make your own choice and preference of computer supplier.

We do not use high powered costly add-ons and databases to our programs making our Lawpac suite of programs cost effective. The Lawpac system can be used in a Windows or Linux environment. 

Lawpac offers you peace of mind as it is a superior accounting system that is custom designed for the legal profession.

 If you are considering computerising your practice, or if you are on an existing system that does not satisfy your information needs, then do not hesitate to contact Software Promotions C.C. After all we have been satisfying the legal profession information needs since 1978.